Legarde Avenue

Legarde Avenue is first mentioned in a 1936 trade directory, and with its near neighbours Malham and Ingleton Avenue, forms a linked fork of streets running off Anlaby Road.

Malham is a town in the Yorkshire Dales, and makes a link with Ingleton, which is a town near Malham. The name Legarde however, doesn’t at first appear to relate to Malham and Ingleton. The 1937 Kelly’s trade directory for North & East Yorkshire records Lord and Lady Legard at residences (separate) in the Malton area. Richard Legard, apparently from the same family, is recorded at two addresses; Welham Road, Norton near Malton (with Lady Julia Legard) and Anlaby Lodge, in Anlaby.

The Legard family can trace its origins back to a Robert de Legard at the time of the Norman Conquest. They possessed the lordship of Anlaby 1100, and held it continuously until the early twentieth century. A marriage settlement in 1690 of “John, son of Sir Robert Legard, and Jane, daughter of Ann Hildyard of Hull, widow”, included “three stengs of meadow abutting on Ings Dyke in Anlaby”. This description may refer to the area on which the three avenues are built. It seems certain that the family owned this land, and Anlaby Lodge may have been another name for Providence House, just to the west of the plot.