Hamlyn Avenue

Only one street was ever built from the proposed Wellsted’s development, and named Hamlyn Avenue. Hamlyn Avenue is first listed in the 1903 trade directories, having been built the year before. The origin of the name is uncertain. The 1908 Ordnance Survey plan shows only limited development in Hamlyn Avenue, and the two blocks of property facing Anlaby Road either side of its entrance.

The houses facing Anlaby Road were adjoined by more houses and shops in the mid 1930s, during the same phase of development that produced Meadowbank Road and Cardigan Road. During the development works Anlaby Road was widened at this point to accommodate the increased levels of traffic; photographs in the Hull City Archives show work well-underway in 1936. At that time Anlaby Road was still almost rural in this vicinity. The city (county & parliamentary) boundary ran along the east side of Calvert Lane, and remained the western extent of Hull until 1929, when the city boundary was extended to its present line further west.