Brook Street

Brook Street was so-named as it followed the line of an old water-course, or ditch running south from Prospect Street. Originally Brook Street only extended as far south as Mill Street, but was extended further south to provide a more direct link from Beverley Road and Prospect Street to Paragon Station in the 1860s. It was further extended, as Paragon Station was redeveloped c.1902 to join with Anlaby Road at a point between Nos.28 to 38 Regent’s Terrace. Following the creation of the Brook Street junction, many of the original buildings in Regent’s Terrace were lost, and a spate of new building occurred.

The extension of Brook Street, involved the demolition of around 10 properties in Regent’s Terrace (Nos.28 to 38). Within these properties were the studios of Turner & Drinkwater, one of Hull’s most respected photographic businesses that was established in 1878. In February 1885 plans for a new “photographic studio” in Regent’s Terrace were approved, and signalled Turner & Drinkwater’s move into new premises. The company moved into it’s premises at No.8 (later 8 & 9) Regent’s Terrace c.1885 and was listed there until c.1897. No.8 Regent’s Terrace had been home to artist Charles Richardson until late 1884. From c.1893 these properties were recorded as No.26-28 Anlaby Road as the streets in Hull were gradually re-numbered. Turner & Drinkwater’s premises were rebuilt in 1904-05 as a high quality Edwardian building named Regent House. The stylish new buildings were designed by Hull architect J.M. Dossor, and Turner & Drinkwater remained there until c.1970. [See double page advert in Port of Hull, 1908]

From the late 1920s a new street was planned, to provide a direct and wider thoroughfare between Beverley Road and Anlaby Road. In 1930 when work had already begun it was decided to call the new street “Ferens Way” (in honour of Thomas Ferens who died in 1930). This project required the foreshortening of Brook Street and the re-naming of its southern end as Ferensway.

Some of the original buildings of Regent’s Terrace remain, and can be identified above modern shop frontages, east of Ferensway. Regent House also remains, and the ground floor is now a café.

Download the 1872-1873 Buchanan Trade Directory entry for Brook Street

Brook Street shop front 1910.

Brook Street shop front 1910.