Anlaby Park Road North

Anlaby Park Road, in a similar way to Pickering Road, is an old alignment, re-named during the post-World War One development of the area. It is shown on the 1826 Ordnance Survey plan, and by name on the later 1852 plan as “Common West Road” or “Second Lane”. The two old lanes effectively provided direct access from Anlaby Common (the lands north of the Anlaby Road), south across the old Hessle Common (the lands south of Anlaby Road).

By 1921 it was recorded in the directories as “The Park Road”, as it led to the new Anlaby Park estate containing The Roundway and Orchard Road, both laid out adjoining the west side of Anlaby Park Road. The new roads were developed by the City Land Syndicate of Hull in 1914-16, who once again employed the architects Runton & Barry. The gardens of the houses on the west side of Orchard Road follow an odd alignment that marks an ancient land drain; this alignment is the present boundary of Hull, and beyond it is Anlaby. Slightly further west there are some surviving open fields as a reminder of how this area appeared just 100 years ago.